Table of Contents



Chapter One: Born from the Dream

          The Dream of the Unborn Child

          Dream Smiles of the Infant

          At First, the One-Image Dream

          A Beginning Dreamer: Three-and Four-Year-Olds

          A Child’s Dream Life Blossoms: Five-and Six-Year-Olds

          Taking Flight: Seven- and Eight-Year-Olds, and Older

Chapter Two: What Children Believe About Dreams

          Where Do Dreams Come From?

          What Do Children Believe Dreams Are Made Of?

          What Part of the Child’s Body Dreams?

          Where Is the Dream Located?

Chapter Three: A Child’s First Dream Journal

          A Dream-Receptive Household

          Dream Tellers

          Recording a Child’s Dream

          Dream Drawing

          Dream Scribblers

Chapter Four: What Do Children Dream About?

          Going on Dream Adventures: Heroes and Heroines, Deeds and Medals

          Matters of the Heart: Playmates and Friends, Love, Teachers and Pets

          The Body: Food, Physical Prowess, Injuries, Nudity and Teeth

          Crossing Thresholds: Death and Rebirth

          Gifts from the Gods: Fairies, Talking Animals and Special Finds

Chapter Five: Preparing Children for the Night

          Early Evening Play

          Warm Sudsy Baths and Dream Costumes

          The Dream Chamber

          Sharing the Magic Hour

          Stories and Songs

          Nighttime Companions


          The Good Night

Chapter Six: A Child’s First Ally When Facing Bad Dreams and Nightmares

          Sorting Out Bad Dreams and Nightmares

          Nightmares Triggers

          Night Terrors

          Nightmares Are but a Fragment of the Child’s Dream World

          Children’s Most Typical Nightmares Themes

          Recurring Nightmares

          First Aid for Bad Dreams and Nightmares

Chapter Seven: Guiding Your Child Through Dream Challenges

          Preparing for Dreamguiding


Chapter Eight: Dream Gifts for Parenting

          Attuning to a Child’s Feelings

          Making Sense of a Child’s Dream

          Understanding Your Child’s Dream Processes

          Dream Talk

          Dream Guidance

          Catching a Glimpse of a Child’s Spirit

          Daily Renewal

Chapter Nine: Called by Your Child’s Dreams

          Mending Your Bond with Your Child

Ten Guidelines For Dreamguiding



The Dreams of Children

Denyse Beaudet, Ph.D.

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