Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child’s Dreams Gold Recipient of the Mom’s Choice Awards®

                               ~September 2010

The Mom's Choice Awards® (MCA) names Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child’s Dreams by Denyse Beaudet, Ph.D. among the best in family-friendly products. The Mom’s Choice Awards® is an awards program that recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media, products and services. Dreamguider is a gold recipient of the award in the Parenting-Contemporary Families Section.

Parents, educators, librarians and retailers rely on MCA evaluations when selecting quality materials for children and families. The Mom’s Choice Awards® seal helps families and educators navigate the vast array of products and services and make informed decisions. 

An esteemed panel of judges includes education, media and other experts as well as parents, children, librarians, performing artists, producers, medical and business professionals, authors, scientists and others. A sampling of panel members includes: Dr. Twila C. Liggett, ten-time Emmy-winner, professor and founder of PBS’s Reading Rainbow; Julie Aigner-Clark, Creator of Baby Einstein and The Safe Side Project; Jodee Blanco, New York Times best-selling author, Priscilla Dunstan, creator of the

Dunstan Baby Language; Patricia Rossi, host of NBC’s Manners Minute; Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C., host of the Wright Place™ TV Show; and Catherine Witcher, M.Ed., special needs expert and founder of Precision Education, Inc.


MCA judges are bound by a strict code of ethics which ensures expert and objective analysis free from any manufacturer association. The evaluation process uses a propriety methodology in which entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost.

La Maison Anglaise ~Morrin Center, Old Québec, July 7th, 2010.

Lecture and Book Signing

International Association for the Study of Dreams Asheville NC~July 1, 2010

Born From The Dream: The Trajectory Of Children’s Dreaming From The Womb Forward

Every infant born appears to be emerging as if from the dream, when one weighs evidence from scientists who have penetrated the realm of sleep over the last sixty years. From the appearance of sleep cycling in the womb to the first signs of dream awareness in the young child, and to the blossoming dream life of the older child, a child’s capacity for experiencing the dream deepens. Dreams from two five-year-olds and their recurrence—one at age seven and one at age nine—observed in children’s dream journals, illustrate processes in children over large spans of time. (A slide presentation.)

Parent Talk, ~ May 24, 2010,

                    KWMR 90.5 FM Radio

                       5 PM (PST) with host

                           Susannah Baldwin, Ph,D

KWMR is community, non-commercial radio, offering a wide range of information and entertainment from our studios in

The Creamery Building, in downtown Point Reyes Station, CA.

Dreams and Children’s Dreams

                     ~ May 23, 2010

Pacific Beach Methodist Church, San Diego

In this workshop, Denyse Beaudet, Ph.D., will introduce participants to working with and drawing wisdom from their dreams. Denyse is the author of two books on dreams, including Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child’s Dreams. Please bring a notebook and your dreams.

Talking Purpose ~February 24, 2010

In this inspirational video interview on Talking Purpose, Michelle Vandepass and Denyse Beaudet discuss how children sleep,  dream interpretation for children, nightmares  and how to use them to help your children.

California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University ~ October 21, 2009

Children’s Dreams in a Therapeutic Context

I. Understanding Children's Dreams

     A. Children's Sleep Cycles

         i. Night Terror Disorder versus Nightmare Disorder

     B. Dream Content

         i. Research findings from study involving kindergarten's dreams

         ii. Typical themes and images in children's dreams (include case examples)


II. Therapeutic Techniques for working with Children's Dreams

     A. Clinical Interventions

         i. Experiential class exercise (colored paper, crayons, etc.)

     B. Effective Approaches to children's dreaming

         ii. The distinction between Understanding and Interpreting


III. Working with Parents/Guardians

     A. Educating parents about their children's dreams

     B. Guiding parents to support their children's dream process

Contact Talk Radio~ October 12, 2009

                                    2PM-3PM (PST)

                                                Intuitive Encounters

                                                with Jamie Roth


Listen live at http://www.contacttalkradio.com/hosts/jamieroth.html.

CHILDDREAMING - Join Jamie Roth, host of Intuitive Encounters, Monday, October 12, 2009, from 2 to 3 PM (PST) at Contact Talk Radio, as she interviews Denyse Beaudet, author of the book "Dreamguider- Open the Door to Your Child's Dreams." Do you want to know what your child's dreams mean? Or how you can help your child deal with nightmares? Dr. Beaudet has written the only handbook available, to help you, the parent, understand and learn from your child's active, dreaming mind.

Evolution Revolution~ August 13, 2009

On August 13, 7 PM (PT), on Evolution Revolution Talk Radio Live, with host Dulcinea Contreras, Dr. Denyse Beaudet will offer her expertise to assist in engaging parents in their children's dreamworld in her valuable book, "Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child's Dreams." 

During the hour, Denyse and I will delve into her fascinating book, “Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child’s’ Dreams,” which offers valuable insight for parents, grandparents, teachers, child and school psychologists, and all individuals who work with, and support the healthy development of children.  The book consists of tools, encourages creativity, strengthens communication between children and parents, and much more.

To Listen to the show LIVE,

there are 2 Options:

  1. 1.Go to www.evolutionrevolutionradio.com.

On the PURPLE Media Player Box Below at 7pm PT,

select the Center Play Button (Small Right Arrow to Play) 

2. CALL IN, & Listen VIA PHONE, at:

~(724) 444-7444, 

~Enter Talkcast ID: 53127,

~& Select 1#. 

Voice of the People~August 8, 2009

August 8, 6-8PM, (PT) Voice of the People Radio with with November Hanson. Guest: Denyse Beaudet, Ph.D. author of Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child’s Dreams.

Denyse Beaudet, Ph.D. is a Jungian developmental psychologist, researcher, and lecturer who has been helping parents understand their children’s dreaming lives for more than 30 years. She began her career as a kindergarten teacher in Canada and in France, going on to be a professor of Creativity and Child Development at Laval University in Québec City. Her fascination with the imaginative life of children led her to the world of children’s dreams. Dr. Beaudet’s earlier books include Encountering the Monster: Pathways in Children’s Dreams. She lives in San Diego, California.

This program broadcasts on the Paranormal Radio Network. To hear the program simply go to http://ufoparanormalradio.homestead.com/\Main_Page_version_2.html and click on listen live. There is also a virtual auditorium at www.paltalk.com

You can download the program, go to Social Issues, then Other, next click on Paranormal Radio Network. This is a great way to interact with others during the program or to ask a guest questions. One can also ask questions by emailing me at vpradio1111@gmail.com.

In the New Orleans area you can listen to UPRN 105.3 FM. You can also listen on your cell phone by going to UPSNAP by dialing 1(704) 631-4060 and entering your 4-digit station ID code: 2899

WomanTalk Live~August 1, 2009

WomanTalk Live airs each Saturday evening from 6-7 pm ET on Talkradio 680 WCBM. Denyse Beaudet, PhD, author of Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child’s Dreams, will be our guest on August 1, 2009.

Denyse Beaudet, PhD is a Jungian developmental psychologist who has a fascination with the imaginative life of children and who has been helping parents understand their children's dreaming lives for more than 30 years.

In Denyse's book Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child's Dreams, she shares real-life experiences, examples and anecdotes to help explain the issues children face in their formative years. Making sense of a child's dreams gives parents insight into their child's developing psyche and helps parents:


Increase their child's comfort in discussing their dreams

Help children to accept and work gracefully with nightmares

Encourage a child's creativity

Understand and gain insight into their children's individual personalities

According to Denyse, dreams are a resource of human consciousness to tap into, explore, enjoy and draw guidance from.

So, join us on Saturday evening to find out how to use this resource to add a creative dimension to your child's and your own life.

Join us this Saturday,08/01, from 6:05-7:00 PM (ET) on WomanTalk Live Radio in Baltimore on Talkradio 680 WCBM. You can listen on the air or go to the Talkradio 680 WCBM website and hit the "Listen Live" button. Hear us from anywhere in the world! If you miss a show or need to catch up on them... check out our podcast archives. We've been talking to some great people!



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