Dreamguider: Open the Door to Your Child’s Dreams, Charlottesville: Hampton Roads Publishing. Learn how to guide your child in the art of dreaming, while being guided in the art of parenting by your child’s dreams.

“If I were back in the fourth grade, I might just decide to spend my pocket money buying my parents a copy of Denyse Beaudet's book, because it says so many cool things kids say adults need to know about dreams . . . Clear, practical and warm-hearted, alive with the voices of dreaming children, Dreamguider offers essential education for parents everywhere.”


                            -- Robert Moss, author of Conscious Dreaming

                                            and The Secret History of Dreaming

Encountering the Monster: Pathways in Children’s Dreams,  New York: Continuum Publishing. Foreword by Robert A. Johnson. Follow the dream journeys of Eric, Pierre and Marjorie through three series of dreams, each one illustrating one of three pathways for encountering the monster: combat, taming (or befriending), and engulfment.

“Denyse Beaudet’s exploration of the dreams of children, and in particular her exploration of how children encounter the monster, shows that the unconscious plays a vital role in child development. The ingenuity of her approach lies in its simplicity, but its implication for understanding the dream life of children are rich and varied. Parents, teachers, researchers, and therapists may all benefit from her findings. … Most of all, children may benefit from her … potent and respectful attitudes toward their inner lives.”

                             -- Robert Johnson, author of He, She and We

The Dreams of Children

Denyse Beaudet, Ph.D.

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